Training & Development Directorate

Main Responsibilities:

1. Participates in determining the basic abilities, competencies and skills of staff and students.

2. Participates in career guidance of the staff to establish a career in accordance with their abilities and expectations and the university's mission and goals.

3. Participates in student guidance and counseling to assist them in determining plans compatible with their abilities and handle learning difficulties problems.

4. Participates in establishing interactive e-platforms for students with local and international universities for knowledge and cultural exchange.

5. Provides scientific interactive learning experiments and educational role play to grant students real opportunities to participate in the educational process.  

6. Provides vocational training opportunities to assist students in engaging in the practical domain. 

7. Executes the annual plan of training and development of university staff within the assigned budget.  

8. Studies the programs offered by training centers.

9. Follows up with training requests and registration in courses in addition to training courses evaluation by trainees.

10.Supervises internal and external training, coordinates with training centers and trainers and follows up with them during training to ensure the accomplishment of the targets.

11.Thoroughly evaluates training courses to include the evaluation of (trainers, training material, training entity, environment and tools).

12.Prepares reports regarding training courses.

13.Measures the return on investment in training. 

14.Conducts briefings and orientation programs for new employees and students.  

15.Suggests the participation in workshops, seminars, local and international conferences in coordination with scientific departments and directorates.  

16.Secures all training materials.

17.Proposes securing and archiving all training materials including publications and programs.

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