Scientific Research Directorate



  • Main Responsibilities:


1.         Follows up with state-of-the-art in medicine, engineering, IT, humanities and arts.

2.       Encourages students on scientific research and teaches them academic and scientific research methodology starting with their first year.

3.        Sets the scientific research criteria.

4.       Starts a periodical that publishes academic staff and students’ papers.

5.        Determines the needs of the directorate and university regarding research and references in different languages.

6.        Establishes an electronic database for the university researchers.

7.        Publishes in scientific international platforms including and not limited to: Scopus – Researchgate.

8.        Starts motivational and creative programs for the academic staff and students.

9.        Publishes in international scientific periodicals:

o    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Criteria of choosing international magazines:

o    Diverse and genuine themes.

o    Strict penalties in case of plagiarism and intellectual theft.

o    To reach a wide range of readers and researchers.

o    Up-to-date with the global scientific, medical, technical and industrial advancement.

o    Provide scientific research opportunities for students and recent graduates.

o    Ensure the intellectual property of researchers and research institutions.

o    Contain a large and diverse electronic database.

o    Translated for different languages.

10.     Supervises the academic and scientific integrity in respect to intellectual theft, intellectual property and copyrights.

11.      Cooperates with the university’s faculties and departments in establishing students’ research units.

12.     Works with the university’s labs and clinics.

13.     Ensures the quality and authenticity of scientific research.

14.     Prepares workshops and lectures in various scientific themes.

15.     Follows up with students who want to pursue higher studies.

16.     Coordinates for research cooperation agreements locally and internationally.

17.     Participates in local and international conferences to keep up with the latest in modern science in relevant specialties.

18.     Contacts relevant entities to start research related to local community needs.


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