The second workshop of Hands project entitled “Gypsum-Stained Glass”

PR and International Cooperation directorate and the Faculty of Architecture in collaboration with the Engineer’s Nasser Nasser office held the second workshop of Hands project which is funded by Erasmus+ program. This is the second workshop and is entitled “Gypsum-Stained Glass” which was for three days during which students were introduced to the profession of glass. During the first day, the opening was broadcasted via Zoom and attended by members of the Jordanian universities (Coordinator and partners); architecture students started to apply the ornamentations on the gypsum boards then the carving process began under the supervision of faculty of architecture teachers and a number of specialists. During the second day, the carving process was finalized and then the glass was stained with the gypsum and on the final day, the exhibition of the works accomplished was done with the attendance of academic and administrative members from MU.

                                                                                                                                            To check the video , please click here.

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