A field trip for the students of Business Administration to Tartus

The Directorate of Students’ Activities, in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration, has arranged a field trip for the students of Tourism and Hotel Management, under the supervision of Dr. Wafaa Sarim, and the students of Tourism Marketing course, under the supervision of Dr. Rana Arnaout, to the Tartous Museum. The students were introduced to the ancient buildings which have been transformed into museums, and a thorough explanation of its historic and artistic value, in addition to the historic effects in various eras, has been provided as to assist the students of Tourism benefit from the trip. Then, the students visited The Royal Inn and were introduced to the instructions, information, and hotel booking procedures adopted by the Reception Department, in addition to the stay-in service and other services provided by the Sales and Marketing Department. The trip was concluded by a visit to Mouishe Agency for Travel and Tourism, where they were also introduced to the types of tourist trips and the services provided during them, along with the promotional techniques used by the agency.

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