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Hands Project


The Hands project aims to preserve the traditional and professional crafts of Syrian craftsmen in Syria and Jordan, in addition to establishing special centers equipped with advanced tools and machines and training craftsmen to work with them so that they and the university can contribute to preserving the Syrian heritage and create and develop courses related to the project in the relevant colleges. It also aims to revive the Syrian heritage and properly market it by supporting workers in this field in Syria and Jordan and communicating with international bodies and universities interested in preserving the heritage and establishing a network of professional relations at a world level. The project includes communicating with the concerned craftsmen in Syria and holding exhibitions for them from various disciplines Carving - glass - carving on wood, copper and shells - weaving, embroidery and brocade - pottery ...) and setting up special centers equipped with modern and advanced tools and machines, and training craftsmen to work with them so that they and the university contribute to preserving the Syrian heritage.


  •  Jordanian partners:

The incubating university for the project - AlZaytoonah University of Jordan

Jordan University of Science and Technology

The University of Jordan

Hashemite University

Karmeh Design Studio


    •  Partner universities in Syria: 


Manara University

Tishreen University

Al Baath University


  • European universities:


Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University (Germany)

The University of Guglielmo Marconi (Italy)

The University of Florence (Italy)

  • European partner


European Centre for Studies and Initiatives (Italy)

World University Service (Spain)

Blue room Innovation (Spain)


  • Project activities:


  1. Manara University participated in the launch of the HANDS project.
  2. Erasmus + project workshop entitled "Applications of traditional craftsmanship techniques to the components of the internal and external architectural space".
  3. The second workshop of Hands project which is funded by Erasmus+ program entitled “Gypsum-Stained Glass” .
  4. The Hands Lectures within the Erasmus + program are ongoing.
  5. Erasmus+ online workshop :Training for trainers.
  6. a workshop for the students of Architecture entitled “Revival of Traditional Crafts in Modern Furniture Design”

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