About the Faculty


  • System:

The faculty follows the credit hours system and the total credits required to obtain the degree is (179) credit hours distributed to ten levels (semesters).

  • Language of instruction:

Language of instruction is Arabic subject to accreditation regulations.

  • Teaching methods and assessment strategies:

The decision of the higher education council no. /21/ on 08/09/2014 is the reference of the teaching process, examinations and unified assessment of Syrian private universities that adopt the credit hours system.


  • The faculty consists of the following specialties:
  1. General Pharmacy.
  2. Medicinal Pharmacy.
  3. Clinical and Laboratory Pharmacy.
  • The faculty grants the following degrees:
  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy – General Pharmacy.
  2. Bachelor of Pharmacy – Medicinal Pharmacy.
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy – Clinical and Laboratory Pharmacy.
  • Requirements to obtain the bachelor’s degree:
The faculty plan consists of 179 credit hours according to the following table:



  Credit Hours
Courses Classification
Compulsory Elective
University Requirements
17 9.50%
13 4 7.30% 2.20%
Faculty Requirements
45 25.10%
37 8 20.70% 4.40%
Specialty Requirements
117 65.40%
Total 179 100%

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