Dean’s message

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Manara University is a young one that aims towards leadership, distinction and to have a clear impact among local, Arab and even international Pharmacy faculties because the successful are many, but the distinguished are few.

To achieve this goal, the foundation must be solid "in terms of the infrastructure, the quality of students, the efficiency of teachers and the correct scientific material which is up-to-date with global drug information, in addition to the successful, capable administration that manages all of that.

Scientific research has an important role in ranking universities today and we pay attention to scientific research and strive to be among high ranked universities which is not farfetched via the organization management and hard work.

Today, the Faculty of Pharmacy stands out via a constant series of pharmaceutical scientific days that constitute a good scientific repertoire which contributes to the culture of students and will refine their information and help them enter vocational life correctly and confidently.

We hope that the future will carry all the best for our students, faculty and university.


Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy 

Prof. Muhammad Haroun

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