The first scientific day of the Faculty of Pharmacy

The first scientific day of the Faculty of Pharmacy was held in the university auditorium with the attendance of around /160/ students and some faculty members. The theme of the event was diabetes and its medications starting with a definition of the disease and its symptoms presented by Dr. Ruba Salman; PhD in Pharmacy, Endocrinology, teacher at (MU). This was in collaboration with Unipharma and Ultra Medica pharmaceutical companies which presented the latest diabetes medications and their compounds. The event included the participation of Yazan Makhlouf, a student of (MU), Faculty of Pharmacy whose research tackled diabetes disease and medication. Also a mini medicinal fair of the two companies was held during that day at (MU) dorm to introduce the students with diabetes medications. The Scientific Days are a significant part of the Internships the students must finish before graduation.

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