Financial Affairs Directorate

Main Responsibilities: 

1.Handles the files in relation to income, expenses, capital projects and financing.

2.Contributes in achieving the strategic goals of the university’s financial activities.

3.Contributes in preparing the estimated budget of the university.

4.Prepares periodic and emergent reports in relation to the university’s financial situation and cash.

5.Prepares annual budget, financial statements and final accounts.

6.Prepares financial analysis ratios in regards to the university’s financial situation and suggests the appropriate proposals for continuous improvements.

7.Organizes the relations with banks in relation to special financial documents of the university and its students.

8.Organizes the process of fee payments according to the university’s deadlines.

9.Registers all documents on the university’s accounting and academic systems.

10.Prepares quarterly reports of students’ financial disclosures and received payments.

11.Follows up the scholarships with the granting entity.

12.Coordinates with all directorates to follow up with students’ academic and financial status.

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