Tuition fees

 University Fees for New Students 2021-2022



Credit Hours Fees 2021-2022




Arab/Foreign Nationals


Non-Resident Syrian


Resident Syrian
200 USD
115 USD
174,000 SPs


175 USD
`100 USD
155,000 SPs


100 USD
45 USD
85,000 SPs


100 USD
40 USD
80,000 SPs


Civil Engineering
80 USD
40 USD
65,000 SPs


75 USD
30 USD
78,000 SPs


80 USD
40 USD
65,000 SPs


50 USD
30 USD
50,000 SPs


Business Administration
975 USD
650 USD
1,250,000 SPs


Arts of Performance


(as per semester)
The following will be added to the above fees:
Affiliation Fees (due for one time only upon registration)
50,000 SPs
for Syrian Secondary School Certificate
60,000 SPs
for Non-Syrian Secondary School Certificate
Semester Registration Fees (due on every semester)
50,000 SPs
Annual Registration Fees in Semester System (due annually)
50,000 SPs
Summer Registration Fees (due on Summer Semester)
25,000 SPs
Services Fees (due every semester)
60,000 SPs
Summer Services Fees (due on Summer Semester)
30,000 SPs
·        Students are allowed to register for a minimum of /12/ credit hours, and a maximum of /18/ hours per obligatory semesters.
·        Arab, Foreign and Non-Resident Syrian students are to pay their fees in US dollars annually.


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