Examinations Directorate

Main Responsibilities:

 Organizes all procedures related to the examination process including:

 1. Organizes with halls supervisors to count the available classrooms and ensure their readiness before the exams.

 2. Coordinates with the directorate of student affairs by calculating the number of registered students in each course to determine the number of classrooms for the examination of each course before distributing students in them.

 3. Follows up the preparation of preliminary examination schedules by department heads, approves it, coordinates with the directorate of student affairs to prepare the schedule and get it approved by department heads to be approved by the rector.

 4. Distributes tasks among the employees of the directorate prior to any examination process (test, final or quiz) and supervises the process.

 5. Receives and counts the examination papers and prepares official tables of handing out and delivering for each exam. The examination committees grade the examination papers for each exam and report to the grading committee regarding any issues in papers. After the grading, the teacher of the course is informed to check the papers that have marking problems.

 6. Archives the grades and upload them on the academic system after auditing them by the employees. Then the data entered are double-checked by another examination employee before finally approving them by the academic system manager.

 7. Follows up with the objections committee regarding the examination results for a definite period, provides the right decision and the committee checks those objections, and officially present their decision to the examination director to implement them.

 8. Provides the cheating record and exam disturbance to the disciplinary committee which in turn provides its decisions to the university board. The exam papers which contain violations are referred to the disciplinary committees to make the right decision.

 9. Issues the documents related to grades and averages (semester transcripts)

 10 Issues lists of top students to the university board.

 11 Issues statistics of pass and fail in all available courses in each academic semester to evaluate students’ performance in departments and faculties.

 12 Implements the decisions of the ministry of higher education and university board in relation to the examination process, grading scale in each course, pass, fail methods in departments and faculties and archives the decisions of modified documents.  

 13 Prepares and follows up exam samples and ensures its inventory by the end of the semester.

 14 Organizes the compensatory tests for students who are approved by the university administration to retake the tests through organizing the schedules, preparing exam envelopes, distributing students on exam halls and thoroughly supervise the examination process.

 15 Prepares the table of secret codes of the examination process by the beginning of each exam.

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